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How to Cut and Save a Half-Smoked Cigar?

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How to Cut and Save a Half-Smoked Cigar?

We’ve all been in a position of being interrupted during a smoke. Maybe you have run out of time before having to go somewhere, or someone has unexpectedly knocked on the door. 

Throwing away an unfinished cigar is a painful decision, especially when it is a premium smoke. Even if you’ve smoked a third of the cigar, you could still be throwing away about £20-worth of tobacco!

This may be one of the biggest factors in your decision to save the cigar for later or not. No one’s going to judge if you want to save every last puff of your cigar, but some smokers may not think it’s worth the effort to save a smoke that has already reached the band. 


You should smoke the remainder of the cigar within 24-48 hours. Any longer and it’s just not going to taste good! If you cannot finish the cigar within a day or two, then you are probably best to bin it. 

How to Save a Half-Smoked Cigar

Step 1 – Put Out the Cigar

Rest the cigar in an ashtray and allow it to extinguish. When you stop drawing air through the cigar, it should stop burning after a minute or two. 

Step 2 – Cut the Cigar

You need to make the foot of the cigar a little cleaner, so cut the cigar about half an inch behind the ash line on the foot. 

Wrap and Store the Cigar

Next place the cigar in its wrapper or in a ziplock bag. For extra protection, you can place the cigar into an air-tight tube. It should then be kept separate from the rest of your cigar collection. 

Do not put the cigar back into your humidor!

Purge the Cigar

Before you start smoking again, it is beneficial to purge the cigar. When the cigar was previously smoked, the smoke will have travelled through the whole cigar and warmed the unburned tobacco. Tar and oil will have accumulated as the smoke travelled through the cigar, and this may not cause a bitter taste. 

To purge the cigar, light the end with your lighter, fill your mouth with air, place the cigar to your mouth and then blow the air out through the cigar. You may repeat this up to three times. Do not draw on the cigar (pulling air back through the cigar, as you would to smoke it) until you have purged the cigar. 

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